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Behind This Wall 7" compilationEB0720-011901

Side A - Reclaim "Change In Myself" / Noble Bones "I'll Give You Something to Cry About"
Side B - Marrón "Walk" "Cimarron" / County Fair "Ponyo" / Cel Damage "And the Flowers Are Still Standing"

150 Black

Vacancy | Montage split demoEBCS20-021902

Montage - New Ink Hegemony, Once Loved Now Lost, Song of Joy
Vacancy - Last Rites, Specters
*out of print

30 White

VACANCY s/t EP · EB0720-021903

Side A - Last Rites, Ballots Aflame, Evasion
Side B - Stations, Dissolution, Specters

100 Black
100 Green

Snakes 5 song demoEBCS20-021904

Psychic Rats, Tragic Ass, Some Devils Dance, White Noise Black Cats
*out of print

50 White

Reclaim 2019 PromoEBCS20-031905

Hold, Take ( Marrón )
*out of print

30 Red

AWAY 4 song demo cassetteEBCS20-041906

Side A: 1,2
Side B: 3, 4
*out of print

30 Blue

RECLAIM "Break" EPEB0720-031907

Side A - Bloom, Turmoil
Side B - Hold It Down, False Life

100 Blue
100 Black

Thievery DemoEBCS20-051908

Whites of Their Eyes, Passion for Sale, I Don't Know Why But I do, Sedated
*out of print

20 Red

Cel Damage "Zebulon" CassetteEBCS20-062009

6838, Almost As If Pulling Teeth , Circle, The Sage Was Burned
*out of print

50 Green

DEADREAM demo tapeEBCS20-072010

Embrace, Vile, Dream, Machine, Constant
*out of print

20 Blue

Memory Leak "Graduate Into Nothing" cassette E.P.EBCS-0811

Side A: Patterns, Road Trip (To Nowhere), Ballenita Perdida
Side B: Dream Queen, Graduate Into Nothing
*out of print

50 Orange

Head to Wall demoEBCS-0912

Intro, Reaching..., Peace of Mind, *Under Fire (411)
*out of print

25 Green