Rudi Jung (Jade Dust) interview 20 August 2021

Make sure to check out Your Life In America radio interview with Rudi Jung from JADE DUST. Very informative interview about the Santa Barbara scene, a brief history on La Casa De La Raza also, new song “Margin of Error” premiered at the beginning of the show. From their upcoming 12” EP on Extinction Burst. Podcast is available on all streaming platforms.


Now Available! 23 February 2021


El Canto De Los Humildes 7" now in stock!

Four friends who traveled to any lengths to make music together. Their love for revolution summer is undeniable when listening to their recordings. Conceived in Victorville, Ca in 2001 with Chicago and Los Angeles being the cities of origin.

Descarados was a band who had members of Sin Orden, Tragatelo, Esperanza, Mugre and Marron. Descarados offered up a killer EP with El Canto De Los Humildes. Never fully distributed in the U.S. until now through Extinction Burst and Brown N Loud out of Chicago, IL.

Released under the Stonehenge Label out of France, Christophe has constructed one of the most beautiful records you'll ever hold. The time spent and attention to detail with this release should inspire us to try and capture this level of devotion with our own artistic crafts.


released December 5, 2010

Descarados was:

Carlos Ruiz: Vocals
Mike Amezcua: Guitars
Lupe Garza: Drums
Raymon Ruiz: Bass

Recorded by Chris Pollen in Chicago,IL

***Originally released on 7" format on Stonehenge Records from France

Thank you again to everyone for their continued support and for inspiring us to burst.

SWEET SOUL "So Far No Further" LP OUT NOW! 19 January 2021

Sweet Soul "So Far No Further" LP

Sweet Soul LP and Shirt Bundle

The long awaited full length LP from SWEET SOUL is finally here. 10 skillfully crafted songs to get us through the heap of hot muck that was the year 2020. *Up on all steaming services 1/22

The stellar debut album “So Far No Further” by California band SWEET SOUL exemplifies just how hard they’ve worked to refine their brand of pop infused punk rock. The LP opens with a harder hitting rendition of 'Some Nerve' to lure listeners in with the familiar but also show the band is not holding anything back - thick bass lines that carry almost solo level, twinkling guitar, sustaining wash and catchy chorus. A sign of things to come for the rest of the record. SWEET SOUL take advantage of that initial grip on the listener and continue with 10 more tracks demonstrating that while the band relies on their hardcore chops they have found a perfect intersection of punk and power pop SWEET SOUL present an album full of cathcy riffs and tender melody.

If your local or live close to the Victor Valley area, we are offering a limited time pick up option. Enter EBPICKUP at checkout and the shipping fee will be waived. Well send you the address of where to meet us to pick up your orders on Saturday 1/23. We will be there from 11am-3pm. So if you've been hesitant to buy anything from the shop because of shipping cost this is the perfect time to pick something up!! We ask that you wear a mask for the safety of your self and others around you.

Sweet Soul EB/NMZ shirts are up for pre-order until 2/5. These will be printed and shipped shortly after the pre-order date. *These are not included in the pick up promo

Thank you again to everyone for their continued support and for inspiring us to burst.

SWEET SOUL "The Moment" Video Out Now 15 December 2020

Year End Update

November/December 2020

Victor Valley, Ca.

First we want to thank everyone who has supported us and showed us love this past year especially during these trying times. We were able to collaborate on some great projects with some amazing and inspiring people this year. We really appreciate everything and everyone for helping us out.


Today Extinction Burst and NMZ are premiering a video for the first single off SWEET SOUL's upcoming debut LP, "So Far No Further". "The Moment" is a video that relies on creative visuals to captivate the viewer, which is refreshing to see the artistic return of the music video. With direction from Taylor Soul and cut and edited at Local Man Studios in Victorville CA, we're proud to claim this project under the High Desert banner.

The Moment video

In a non related EB project, we also encourage you to check out PERSONAL HELL's video for
"Five Years of Grief". Coming out of Colton, Ca. Personal Hell has become an instant favorite here at EB.

Five Years of Grief video

Label Fellowship

We want to welcome...

Ethospine Noise from Riverside,CA. We will start carrying selected releases from this IE veteran label, which will include MOXIEBEAT's "Pop Sounds" LP. 18 carefully crafted tracks of combustible hardcore unlike Dead and Gone and Coliseum.

The brothers Aragon have been involved in the I.E. punk community since the mid 90s under various projects and bands. Ethospine Noise has been supporting the Riverside arts community and its surrounding areas for the last 20 years. A true mentor to us at EB.

New Morality Zine started out as a zine about hardcore, connections and dialogue. Established by Nick Acosta, NMZ has slowly evolved into into a smaller, DIY label periodically releasing music that they connect with. Releasing music from artists that pushes sonic diversity who toe the line of hardcore punk. *releases coming soon

Emma Navajas A sonic taller for Latinx punk and hardcore curated by Mike Amezcua

Discos Huayno Amargo has released records since 2005, always in conjunction with Sin Temores records. It’s original focus was on releasing 7”s of “música subterránea” from Peru. This included several old forgotten bands from the Peruvian punk scene explosion of the mid 80’s. The labels focus is still on releasing music thats angry and pissed as fuck and always focused on trying to keep a punk DIY art style and limited pressings.*releases coming soon

Conceived in 2014 by Marco Gonzalez, Advanced Perspective quickly became known for their stalwart approach to finding bands that are different from what pads the hardcore scene today. Adding it's in-house aesthetic to its already unique blend of bands, makes AP an outfit not to be taken lightly.

Penrose Records

Growing up in Santa Ana, Ca., we were surrounded and influenced by a variety of music. "Oldies" had a huge impact on us growing up. For us it was a cultural introduction into music. A division of the Daptone family, Penrose is based out of Riverside, Ca., and brings us a familiar sound, formulated by some of the newest young soul artist and connoisseurs of the genre. For Extinction Burst, this makes perfect sense

New releases now available from Penrose Records. After five stellar releases, Penrose hands over it's sixth release. Vicky Tafoya and The Big Beat transports us to Sunday afternoon at the park,running with your cousins while our parents grilled some carne asada y cebollas. Reminiscent of the first time you heard "Angle Baby" by Rosie and The Originals, which is like a rite of passage for Chican@s growing up in Santa Ana.

We're very excited to announce The CODE Publishing Project has some really interesting collaborations scheduled for 2021. To start off the new year we will be releasing CODE 2 which will be a 5" x 8" zine documenting everything that went into production during our first 2 years. We will also be working on releases from artist Lupe Garza and Naylamp Jimenez. We are down to our last copies of INLAND LANDSCAPES; a look into Inland Empire settings through the lens of Ron Perez. A lot of love for Ronny. Thank You to everyone that ordered a booklet!


January 2021 will set the stage for things to come at EB. The month will serve as the backdrop to the release of the SWEET SOUL "So Far No Further" LP. A split release with the NMZ label out of Illinois run by Nick Acosta. If you haven't checked them out, please go over and support. Love Nick's hustle! Shortly after will be the release of the the ESPERANZA 1998-2021 LP. Vinyl, inserts and jackets for this release have been done and all we are waiting for is the booklet to be printed. One of the last hardcore punk bands out of Southern California before the Y2K takeover, whose members went on to become professors, scholars, builders and DJs. HEAD TO WALL have jumped in the studio with engineer Brad Racine to record for their debut 7" on Extinction Burst. We are really excited about this release! Brought to us by the same people behind RECLAIM and SWEET SOUL. These kids are putting the High Desert on their back.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and take care of each other and here's to better 2021

Inland Landscapes Out Now! 22 October 2020

*Fresh off the press headed to EB headquarters

The CODE Publishing Project is a subsidiary of Extinction Burst with it's focuses on the release of printed matter. The first release under this new endeavor is Inland Landscapes, a 12 page booklet By Ron Perez. Raised in Colton, Ca, Ron Perez takes us on a visual journey of the Inland Empire, through images of the cities that make up the I.E. and the undetected landscapes that we probably pass by on a day to day basis.

Foreword by Mark Ocegueda

*printed in Riverside,Ca by Urge Palette

Ese es mi Vicio! 9 October 2020



Although this is not an Extinction Burst release, being the distributor of this final Emma Navajas record is the next best thing. The Emma Navajas label has brought us the DESCARADOS 12" e.p., SIN ORDEN's "Arte, Cultura Y Resistencia" LP and VENGANZA's "Tus Heroes No Son Los Mios" e.p. and now after 20 years, VICIO has received a proper vinyl release. Imagine the rawness of Los Saicos thrown in with the urgency of the Bad Brains and you would hold in your hand the Vicio 7". Although only four releases on the label, Emma Navajas was very selective to what it released and wouldn't release bands just for the sake of releasing punk music, but rather release four urgent records that they felt needed to be heard and documented. Extinction Burst felt this release was so important to the history of Latinx punk, that we've designed a Curatorial Sounds insert to go with it. Important, urgent and relevant, you need this in your arsenal now.

Penrose Records 8 July 2020

Penrose releases now available through Extinction Burst!

Growing up in Santa Ana, Ca., we were surrounded and influenced by a variety of music. "Oldies" had a huge impact on us growing up. For us it was a cultural introduction into music. A division of the Daptone family, Penrose is based out of Riverside, Ca., and brings us a familiar sound, formulated by some of the newest young soul artist and connoisseurs of the genre. For Extinction Burst, this makes perfect sense.

Curatorial Sounds 3 July 2020

July 2020

Victor Valley, Ca.

Label Fellowships In an attempt to create a culture of inclusivity, Extinction Burst will be curating a list of labels and cultivating partnerships that we feel share a similar vision to our own.

Curatorial Sounds is a new series of Extinction Burst releases or affiliated projects, that will attempt to cement a solid release of selected works of past bands, labels, artist and writers that have ties to punk, hardcore or just music we genuinely love. Extinction Burst hopes to present you with artists and bands that we grew up loving and were heavily influenced by, as well as harvesting some gems that will for the first time, will be presented on vinyl.

We are proud to have ESPERANZA as part of that series. Esperanza was a band out of the Victorville/Los Angeles area, who had a brief 3 year existence in the late 90's. Steady diets of 80's D.C. Hardcore and the political social environment of the 90's helped nurture ideas and establish bonds that have lasted over 20 years.

The New New 21 April 2020


(Santa Barbara, CA)

Some things are meant to be spontaneous and temporary, ephemeral. The blooming of flowers, an eclipse, the sunset…Such was the existence of the Santa Barbara, CA’s powerhouse known as BECOME. Drawing influence from Washington DC’s late 80’s emotive hardcore sound, while continuing its own local Santa Barbara (see No Answers, Ebullition, etc.) legacy of like minded hardcore, BECOME went on to officially release one demonstration tape on Germany’s Take It Back Records. Because often times greatness is lost to obscurity, it is essential that we unearth and shed spotlight on art and music that not only succeeds in craft and skill, but also in conviction and sincerity.

BECOME featured members from Manumission, Ochre, Lumber Lung, X-Wing, Worship, Bone Explosion, Desperate Hours, Masisin, No Man's Land, Eden in Flames, Sutrama, Embassy, Uphill Battle, Broken Needle, Blasting Concept, and Surprise Vacation.

But beyond that, BECOME stood alone. Its beautiful sound that featured the obvious Swiz comparisons, but went much deeper…bringing to mind Rain, Kingface, John Henry West, Torches to Rome, and even Bread and Circuits.

It is with great pride that we announce the release of this live KCSB performance by BECOME followed by their unearthed Full Length LP. We invite you to bask in their glow…

~Fernando Alaniz

“Live” cassette demo 10/25/2012 Live on 5432 Fun on KCSB in Santa Barbara (Out in May)

Video for “Melatonin” off 2012 Demo
Edited by Julio Chavez
Live footage: Josh Redman


(Portland, OR)

One of our favorite bands in the late 90's was Former Members of Alfonsin; Some of the most emotional and inspirational lyricism we ever heard in hardcore at the time. When we found out Alex Frixione was once again putting pen to paper for a band, we jumped on this collaboration. We listened to a rough demo, we knew then, that we should always go with our gut instincts. PEOPLE PERSON come out of Portland, OR by way of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Interlacement of the heavy with the melodic as its base, and raw, heartfelt lyrics at its center, this will bring enlightenment to anyone searching for something more.

~Raymon Ruiz

Cassette Demo (out May)

*Vinyl releases are either on hold or delayed due to circumstances but our cassette releases are still in production.

Full Lengths from RIESGO and ESPERANZA coming next

We want to take this opportunity to encourage people to stay active and creative: physically and mentally. We know times are bleak but we should take this time to re-evaluate what's really important in our lives. Push forward and don't forget to bring people with you.

Stay safe...

Family Addition 6 April 2020

Extinction Burst

Daynamic Sound and Design

Victor Valley, Ca.
We hope this e-mail finds everyone safe. Like us I'm sure a lot of you are going stir crazy. We know for us it's an especially hard time not to be able to create music like we once use to. We love to be able to physically collaborate with people, and right now, like everything else, it's on pause. We're not letting that stop us form trying to be creative. We encourage you to find your way; drawing, reading a book, cooking a meal with your loved one, anything that will bring you calm during these bleak times. Through this down time, there has been an addition to EB this last week. A passion project that we decided to move forward with.

Daynamic Sound and Design is a subsidiary of the EB family. Based out of Victorville, Ca, DSD focuses on the physical presentation of media releases. In an age of digital mediums, we strongly believe in the physical; Books, Records, Cassettes. We work closely with photographers, artists and musicians in order to create and visually verbalize without overstimulating the senses through layout and composition.

We will try and religiously update our portfolio with projects we have done or are working on.


If you would like Daynamic to layout your next record, cassette, book cover or your next media project, contact us.

Stay safe...


Graduate Into Nothing e.p. 24 March 2020

Extinction Burst

Graduate Into Nothing e.p.

March 2020

Victor Valley, Ca.

We are now taking orders for MEMORY LEAK's "Graduate Into Nothing" Cassette e.p. These will begin shipping late March.

Track Listing

  1. Patterns
  2. Roadtrip (to Nowhere)
  3. Ballenita Perdida
  4. Dream Queen
  5. Graduate Into Nothing



Releases by:

Sweet Soul

Head To Wall